Who the hell are SideBUMP! Studios?

SideBUMP! Studios is the culmination of the best bad ideas available in Austin Texas and San Francisco. We all decided to make the world a better place by helping people waste time at work and on the bus by making awesome games.

Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Black

Kelly: Biz Dev, Marketing and Den Mother. When she’s not resending emails that Geoff lost, or trying to market what development has tossed over the fence she’s thinking of cool new stuff to do.

Geoff: Surly Programmer, Hermit. Geoff chews gum and programs. Except he hates gum so he spends too much time on the computer. When it breaks it’s his fault. Boo! That’s why he’s surly. What cha gonna do?

Mike: Project Manager, Developer, Cat herder. Mike programs, organizes stuff and starts companies. At last count he has forty two and a half which have helped make him a hundredaire. How we got him to join up is beyond me. Cat herding is a cruel joke, he’s allergic.